Adam Woodruff LLC is an award-winning garden and landscape design consultancy. We cater to clients who appreciate exceptional and engaging environments. Our goal is to create contemporary designs that elicit a visceral response, using plants in new and artful ways. 

We operate throughout the United States and take on a wide range of projects, including city, suburban and country gardens, large estates, and commercial properties. Our solutions are unique, enduring, and site-specific, reflecting the individual needs of each client. 

Plants are central to all of our design solutions. Our imaginative planting schemes are stylized interpretations of nature that captivate, from soft prairie-inspired plantings where ornamental grasses, perennials, and natives commingle with woody plants and evergreens, forming a tapestry of year-round interest to high-impact seasonal displays of lush tropical foliage and colorful blooms meant to delight for one growing season. 

Our consultancy offers various services, including garden and landscape design, plant acquisition, on-site layout of plant material, installation supervision, and maintenance consulting. While we don't provide landscape architecture services, we collaborate with licensed landscape architects to offer landscape architecture and master planning services to our clients.

"Adam is a creative young designer, whom I first met in 2009. His work with tropical plants and more recent forays into naturalistic design confirm his talent. Adam is eager to learn about the way we see gardens today. He travels extensively for inspiration- touring gardens around the world, attending professional seminars and engaging with other leading designers."  Piet Oudolf

Roy Diblik, Piet Oudolf & Adam Woodruff (2014)


Adam Woodruff is a highly respected garden designer who specializes in naturalistic planting design. His nearly thirty year career has been marked by a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. 

Adam developed an interest in plants and design during his teenage years in a farming community in central Illinois, where he was mentored by an elderly neighbor. He pursued a degree in Botany at Eastern Illinois University, where he gained exposure to a range of plants and habitats while exploring North American prairies, bogs, and forests. His love for the natural environment grew during this time. After completing his degree, Adam's passion for plants led him to travel to Europe, Asia, and Central and South America, where he visited important gardens, examined naturally occurring plant communities, and attended international conferences. He had the privilege of learning from industry leaders such as Piet Oudolf, Roy Diblik, and Andy Sturgeon. These experiences enriched his knowledge and transformed his approach to planting design.

Adam's projects are a testament to his versatility. Whether creating high-impact seasonal displays of lush tropical foliage and vibrant blooms or designing soft prairie-inspired plantings that seamlessly blend natives, ornamental grasses, and perennials, his naturalistic aesthetic and skill at combining plants are evident in every project. 

Adam's design philosophy is deeply rooted in his clients' needs, preferences, and the unique characteristics of their sites. He understands that a garden is more than just a collection of plants; it's a space that elicits emotion and serves as a location for making memories. His meticulously planned and executed designs ensure longevity, sustainability, and practical maintenance.

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