Gardens at BOS

Springfield, Illinois

In 2004, the Bank of Springfield doubled the size of its flagship facility in central Illinois. Adam Woodruff LLC was engaged to redesign the 3 acre site. The chief consideration of the design process was to boldly impact the streetscape. Woodruff designed naturalistic, yet vibrant flower borders scaled to the site to accomplish his goal. 

The award-winning gardens cover 22,000 square feet and include a massive perennial and annual bed running the length of the Wabash Avenue facade. Several auxiliary flower beds dot the property, echoing color and texture rhythms found in the main bed. Annuals, which represent 40% of the plant material found in the gardens, are artfully woven between shrubs, roses, grasses and perennials to ensure consistent bloom.

Woodruff and his team, designed, installed and maintained the gardens from 2004-2010.

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"Mr. Woodruff's innovative approach to landscaping the Bank of Springfield's Wabash location is the talk of the town and has set a new standard for street-side beautification in the capital city. His award-winning creation is an inspiration for other businesses, which are now trying to follow suit by stepping up their landscape efforts."

Mayor Timothy J. Davlin, City of Springfield

The gardens have been featured in Horticulture magazine and several professional journals. 

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